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dc.contributor.authorArmstrong, J.D.en
dc.contributor.editorSkov, C.en
dc.contributor.editorNilsson, P.A.en
dc.publisherCRC Press
dc.relation.ispartofBiology and Ecology of Pikeen
dc.titleBioenergetics and individual growth of pikeen
dc.typeBook Chapteren
dcterms.abstractThis chapter focuses on intrinsic factors that affect growth, particularly physiological capacity, and considers information on how energy and power budgets relate to scope for growth. It considers relevant aspects of pike morphology and organ function to set out adaptations of the body tissue and the organic capacity that facilitates the growth process. The chapter sets out principles of energetics that determine the quantity of energy acquired as food that can be retained as growth and the rate at which it can be transferred to body tissue. It considers what data are available to populate pike energy transfer models. Bioenergetics concerns the flow of energy through animals and ecosystems and is fundamental in understanding the relationship between consumption and retention within pike Esox Lucius Linnaeus, 1758 populations and the individuals that comprise them. The chapter summarises and concludes on how metabolism of pike relates to their growth potential.
dcterms.bibliographicCitationArmstrong, J. D. (2018). Plenary address. Scottish Ecology, Environment and Conservation Conference 2018, St Andrews, UK, 20-21 March 2018.en

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