The Research Scotland repository provides permanent access to digital research outputs from Scottish Government funded and affiliated research organisations.

Research plays an important role in shaping the policies of the Scottish Government. It helps us to think about new and better ways of doing things and provides new understandings and discoveries that benefit our society.

Research Scotland contains outputs from the partner organisations listed below. The content on the repository is freely available where possible, although some items are subject to publisher-imposed embargoes.

Items in Research Scotland are protected by copyright with all rights reserved unless otherwise indicated.

  • The Yew Hedge: Conserving ancient trees from the UK and beyond 

    Gardner, Martin (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2022-07)
  • Monograph of Doselia (Solanaceae), a new hemiepiphytic genus endemic to the northern Andes 

    Orejuela, Andres; Villanueva, Boris; Orozco, Clara Ines; Knapp, Sandra; Särkinen, Tiina (Pensoft, 2022-07-26)
    A new genus, Doselia A.Orejuela & Särkinen, gen. nov., is described in the tribe Solandreae (Solanaceae) consisting of four species of hemiepiphytic lianas endemic to the premontane forests of the Colombian and Ecuadorian ...
  • Best Practice Standardised Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) procedures. DiSSCo Prepare WP3 - MS3.6 

    Piirainen, Esko; Wu, Zhengzhe; French, Lisa; De Smedt, Sofie; Figueira, Rui; Arsénio, Pedro; Haston, Elspeth; Livermore, Laurence (2022)
  • A strategy for successful integration of DNA-based methods in aquatic monitoring 

    Blancher, Philippe; Lefrancois, Estelle; Rimet, Frédéric; Vasselon, Valentin; Argillier, Christine; Arle, Jens; Beja, Pedro; Boets, Pieter; Boughaba, Jeanne; Chauvin, Christian; Deacon, Michael; Duncan, Willie; Ejdung, Gunilla; Erba, Stefania; Ferrari, Benoit; Fischer, Helmut; Hanfling, Bernd; Haldin, Michael; Hering, Daniel; Hette-Tronquart, Nicolas; Hiley, Alice; Jarvinen, Marko; Jeannot, Benjamin; Kahlert, Maria; Kelly, Martyn; Kleinteich, Julia; Koyuncuoğlu, Serdar; Krenek, Sascha; Langhein-Winther, Sidsel; Leese, Florian; Mann, David; Marcel, Remy; Marcheggiani, Stefania; Meissner, Kristian; Mergen, Patricia; Monnier, Olivier; Narendja, Frank; Neu, Diane; Onofre Pinto, Veronica; Pawlowska, Alina; Pawlowski, Jan; Petersen, Martin; Poikane, Sandra; Pont, Didier; Renevier, Marie-Sophie; Sandoy, Steinar; Svensson, Jonas; Trobajo, Rosa; Tunde Zagyva, Andrea; Tziortzis, Iakovos; van der Hoorn, Berry; Vasquez, Marlen Ines; Walsh, Kerry; Weigand, Alexander; Bouchez, Agnès (Pensoft, 2022-07-20)
    Recent advances in molecular biomonitoring open new horizons for aquatic ecosystem assessment. Rapid and cost-effective methods based on organismal DNA or environmental DNA (eDNA) now offer the opportunity to produce ...
  • Reducing Environmental Impacts at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh 

    Hughes, Kate; Foulkes, Jenny (MDPI, 2022-07-18)
    The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) has put the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis at the centre of its organisational strategy and is making changes to reduce the environmental impact of its activities and ...

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